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Birthdate:Feb 19

♥ Hi, my name's Valentina and I'm an Italian girl.

►I love Japan very much, that's why I took Japanese language and culture as my major at university.

are my obsession. Sho and Nino ARE my ichibans (there's no niban anymore XD). I ship Sakuraiba and Ohmiya, but I don't dislike Matsumiya

►I used to listen to NewS, KinKi Kids, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8, Tackey and Tsubasa, V6, Tokio and Smap. Not anymore, sorry but I don't have enough lifes to stay updated about everybody.

►I speak Italiam, English and Japanese, feel free to contact me to have a chat.

Starting now I'm not going to lock my entries anymore. You'll be able to reach all new posts, as long as they're Arashi related.
Anyway I will NOT add you back as a friend, unless you introduce yourself here and I find out we have something in common.

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